YOU have your own journey...


All good feelings come from LOVE!! All negative feelings come from a lack of love.
Life isn’t happening to you- life is responding to you! Every subject of your life is your call & you make the call on everything in life by what you give. 
All the things you love want you! Dollars want you. Health wants you. Happiness wants you.  
YOU have your own journey…….
As I sit here at the Denver Colorado airport people watching……It clearly came to me by everything I observed that we are all indeed on our own UNIQUE journey. Some are rushed,  others desperate to get there, & others walk as if they have all the time in the world. It’s beautiful to be still at times & just absorb what is going on around you. Really be present!!! 
Our own unique journey is ours ONLY! It doesn’t matter what your mom or dad, close friends or relatives  think you should be doing with your life. Live your life on your standards & your way. Are you really going to continue “people pleasing” the rest of your life? We got one shot at this AMAZING journey called life, make it count. I know a lot of adults that seek the approval of a parent or sibling. They just want to hear “i’m proud of you” or “I love you”. Sometimes we don’t know how fortunate we are until we hear others people’s story. Some people have never been told “I LOVE YOU”. Ever.  
Stop for a second & think how lucky YOU are. 
Your journey will include dips, falls, rises, & loops. I like to compare life to a rollercoaster. Its so fun but you must buckle up if not you will fly out. LITERALLY! Your life is meant to be AMAZING! You are supposed to be successful. You are supposed to have a successful career. You are supposed to find true love. You are meant to live a fulfilling life. Why would you think you are meant to suffer in this life? This life that we ONLY have one shot at living. Your journey is SO UNIQUE. You must be thankful & grateful for the ups & the downs. All these things are making you the strong, intelligent person you are becoming. EMBRACE IT. 
Sometimes the people closest to us think they know what’s best for us BUT like my mom always tells me “BE TRUE TO YOURSELF”. When you are true to yourself you might disappoint others & guess what, that is OK to. 
-Raq-C (Author)