Learn the Lessons…


This past week has been a week of eye opening lessons for me. It’s so funny how sometimes we feel like we’ve learned new things or new behaviors but when placed in certain situations we slip & fall again or we react the same way we used to. It happens. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I am my own worst critic. I CAN BEAT MYSELF UP majorly sometimes but that’s when the practice of balance needs to kick in. I believe in order to embrace success you must first be comfortable with failure. Sometimes you will slip & fall and guess what that’s OK! I have come to realize that God will continue to put you in the same kind of situations until you learn to master it and conquer the lesson there is for you to learn.

It’s important to remember that we are all souls living a human experience. So even though we are a soul we still have to experience the human part. The hurt, the pain, the disappointments, the joy, excitement, and all the other things & feelings we experience as human beings. Your spiritual practice matters most when you are being tested. All of life is a test.

I know lately when turning on the news most of it is negative. I also see a lot of stories in the media (TV, magazines, newspapers) that are positive but for some reason the positive stories don’t make it to the headlines as much, they remain in the background. By seeing all these tragic events happening all over the world it is clear to me that some people have LOST THEMSELVES. They have disconnected from a higher power, a divine source, a God. As a community we have lost ourselves in the drama, we have turned into a community that sucks, lives & thrives off things that in the long run will do us no good. We must LOVE more instead of HATING more. We must uplift each other instead of knocking each other down. We must encourage instead of discouraging. It is the time to be OF SERVICE. Step out of your comfort zone & share your talents with the world. Share your light! The world needs yours and my light now more than ever. All these stories on the news should teach us all a huge lesson. WE HAVE WORK TO DO! Spread your light, be compassionate, smile at a stranger, give someone hope. Everyone is fighting his or her own battle. Instead of more obstacles we need more LOVE. Let us all learn the lesson in whatever we may be going through and be that light the world so desperately needs.

Make a promise with me, that today you will not beat yourself up for the mistakes you have made, but rather love yourself for the privilege it is to be divinely guided into having a more godly and loving mindset.

Author: Raq-C