Being you is just enough…



I read this the other day, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”and it made me SMILE really BIG! I thought to myself, “No one else is like ME, talks like me, walks like me, etc. I am so one of a kind. How cool is that?” This applies to all of us! 
So many times we want to be like someone else. We want to look like them, have their body, their attitude. Don’t get me wrong it is ok to look up to others and admire them but TRUE BEAUTY is when you love & EMBRACE yourself. Now that is SEXY! No one else can do it like you. NO ONE! 
If you don’t like yourself, how do you expect others to like you or embrace you? You can’t receive what you don’t give yourself. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, do something about it. If you don’t like your attitude, change it. Its miraculous what happens when you TRULY love & accept all of YOU. Every single flaw & imperfection and know that YOU ARE PERFECT. Once you get to that point, doors will open, opportunities you never imagined will come. You can fool others but you CAN’T fool yourself. When you do fool yourself, you’re lying to yourself. Now why would you want to do that??? Who likes being lied to? No one. Yet you lie to yourself because sometimes it makes things easier to cope with. 
I wrote this on twitter the other day, “To say u don’t hv enough is to disrespect god! He has given YOU & me every single tool we need to succeed! It’s up to us to do the work!” 
You have every single tool to be successful by just being YOURSELF! Nothing more, nothing less! Be great, Be happy, Smile, & watch the universe smile back at you! 

-RAQ-C (Author)